Documentation, Apps, and API by Justin Braaten of Oregon State University’s eMapR Lab, directed by Dr. Robert Kennedy

This site is a guide to the Google Earth Engine implementation of the LandTrendr spectral-temporal segmentation algorithm.

Jump right in - plot a segmented time series or map disturbance with a GUI.

A huge thanks goes out to Zhiqiang Yang (OSU) and the engineers at Google Earth Engine. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help!

This work was supported with funding from the US Forest Service Landscape Change Monitoring System and the NASA Carbon Monitoring System (NNH13AW62I, PI: Cohen; NNX16AQ25G, PI: Kennedy), a Google Foundation Grant (Kennedy), and U.S. National Park Service Cooperative Agreement (P17AC00585)

Check back occasionally for new GEE Apps, example scripts, and API functions. You might try doing a hard refresh on the site to make sure you see recent changes (what you’re looking at might be a previously cached version of the site)